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The Peace of God

– can I know the peace of God when in distress?

This is a short narrative, if you will, how I struggle with God when my state of affairs get shaken up. On occasions, the twists and turns of daily living have this weird way of coming together to form an overwhelming roadblock of stress. By faith, do I humbly wait and trust the Lord to clear the obstruction or do I curse and panic believing the lies conjured up by the devil, “you’re of no significance God doesn’t care for you”?

Where Is God When I Need Him The Most?

Being content on any fair weathered day is a huge blessing, especially while enjoying a carefree time in the valley of complacency. The one extra big annoying problem I have, is being jolted by a perplexing onslaught of trouble hitting all at once. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if there was one instance here, and awhile down the road, one there. No! they just start pelting in succession. Each one hits a little harder and a little bigger. The more they hit the more my anxiety level escalates into anger and then fear.

It’s way beyond my understanding of how one minute everything can be relatively calm, comparatively speaking; I’m cruising along a quiet scenic road, miles from home, then pow! The tire blows out. There’s no spare no phone signal and on top of that, it starts to rain. That’s how I relate to the issues ambushing me without any warning. Usually, the first thoughts running through my mind is like an overpowering vise grip of dread squeezing any rational thought out of my brain. Under my breath comes the cursing, what do I do? kind of thoughts minced with panic and anxiety. Finally, after the initial haggling within my mind, thoughts do come together and I recall that ace in the hole, if you will, my faith in God! I know I can dial in on Him. He will hear my cries and provide a solution. Oh! Lord God! What is happening here? I need your help. The outbursts of despair bellow up to the Almighty.

What really frustrates me while trying to deal with all the pounding, hoping for some miraculous thing to happen, nothing changes. There is just silence. No word from God.

As time moves on, my rambunctious thought box invokes a quick whisper, God has probably turned an ear. Oh! Come on Lord God, I’m in deep trouble here! Then out come the whining complaints spewing, in anguish, God this just isn’t fair! I didn’t cause any of this, why do I have to suffer for it! What did I do to deserve this? Why won’t you help? Why! Why! Why! But, to no avail. No answer! No peace at all. Yeah! I have this bad tendency to let my emotions get the better of me.

Undisciplined No Self Control

I hate responding impulsively when there isn’t an immediate solution. It just shows how immature I can be at times. My mouth could be compared to an outdoor hunter shooting hastily at anything that moves without aim. The rule of thumb is- get ready- set- aim- then fire! For lack of self-control, I do the sequence in reverse. Fire! aim- set- ready. Funny how my undisciplined thoughts simply shoot off without thinking at times. Something like a self-centered whimpering brat complaining about not getting his way. What really pierces me, I know better than to gripe so childishly to God. And the consequences, mostly, never end well… By not being sensitive to my emotions, before lashing out, merely expands the predicament prolonging my aggravation.

At times I can actually get so intensely exasperated when that level of tension inches to the point if something doesn’t give, all my hope for help may rapidly get imprisoned with depression. For me, the sense of being alone and nowhere to turn isn’t a thing to grasp. It’s a horrific emotion to have thoughts ping-ponging through my mind, maybe I’m not significant! I guess the God I’ve always trusted in either doesn’t seem to care or simply isn’t there.

Sometimes I Want To Give Up On God, But Then…

Now, I do remember in the past trials I’ve received confirmation of His presence in some form or another, why not in a setting as this? But, just when it seems I’m ready to give up on God and sulk in the mire, a few verses of scripture happen to flash across my mind to remind me I should, be anxious for nothing, in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, shall guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.(Philippians 4:6-7) Yes! that peace. That’s what I want! I’ve known that kind of peace before. When I have that peace I know that God is with me and in control.

It’s so easy to forget the armor of God as those fiery darts of mayhem come flinging my way. I have to constantly remind myself to remember these words of encouragement, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, I want my mind to dwell on them. Then the God of peace shall be with me.
(Philippians 4:8)

An essential part of the journey

One thing I do acknowledge in my times of brokenness, it isn’t that God doesn’t care or can’t hear my cries as calamity hits, the solution is to put into action all I’ve learned. Let go of the fear attacking my thoughts and completely trust the Lord with all my heart, knowing He will direct my path. Check my attitude at the door when going to God’s throne and examine my heart, confess any hidden sin, so that my prayers may not be blocked. Always rejoice in Him, be humble, thankful, not complaining, and wait on Him to move on my behalf. It is the All Mighty God working in those issues, turning them into good for His purpose and my well being, as I may give glory to His name. Then my countenance will lift up and I can be confident all will be okay.

I do understand, without warning, the bleak future may always bring a quake of ups and downs toward my direction. When I pray, even if it seems his presence isn’t there, He will guide me through the disrupting upheavals of life. Whatever the circumstance, I can do all things through Christ. It is Jesus who will come alongside and strengthen me. He promised to never leave nor forsake me. In that foreboding day, whenever evil tries to inflict its ugly head of turmoil, I will cast my cares to Him and be assured of His peace while going through those invisible land mines of unrest.

Yes! I can have The Peace of God in times of distress!


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