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The Menace Of Big Government

The condition of our country is almost beyond repair. The culprit in a nutshell, greed, power, and ignorance of voters. As elections come about ill-informed people adherent to their party, simply, are lazy when it comes to reading or studying the background and motives of the one running for a particular office. What I witness often, the general public relying on word of mouth and media for information. We all know how bias the media will be toward their preference. The populace seems to have no clue of the bamboozling and tickling of the ears some of these individuals with an agenda profess. That’s just the beauty of the beast. Say what the voice of the nation wants to hear.

Once in office, though, these ostentatious eccentric characters take on an ego the size of Mount Rushmore. Guess what? The voted-in become a law unto themselves. Power becomes their ruling force and all those darling partisan followers along with their opponents are duped. Growing the government and controlling the environment becomes a priority. They make up the rules and we’re supposed to live and adhere to their judgment. We the people become wee the ignoble under their thumb! From what I’ve witnessed in my life there is probably a hand full of officials that aren’t for big government, but I believe the vast majority are.

Real Democracy

Where is the real democracy? It seems the government/leaders that are elected don’t or choose not to understand they were elected of the people. The government and the leaders of the state are elected by the people. The elected leaders work for the development of the state and the welfare of the citizens. Hence, the government works for the people. But, No! Instead, things are totally in the opposite direction and have been for some time. Now the normalcy is people working for the big government.

When did people regress to stupidity? When did people turn a blind eye to logic or reason? Is there something in the air that clouds peoples ability to discern some of these bloviating politician’s reasoned exposition of principals? What the heck does it take for people not to be induced by the speech of some crafty political figure? Left, right, center, conservative, moderate, this human race is so misguided and lack intelligence.

The majority of middle-class society (some consider as the new poor) has become stagnant and dependent on hand-outs to survive. It is practically useless to think people would take into consideration the ramifications of being under the control of an entity that suppresses.


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