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Should We Post Selfies And Private Info

The era of the selfie and social media. Is it safe?

So… what’s the big deal? Showing the world what we look like and think is our business. Right? Ah! but, there’s a catch. For one, it’s a risky activity giving out all that information. The adversary is lurking in the background secretly scanning the internet highways snatching up our established profile. It doesn’t even matter how careful we try to be, security in place etc., those crafty individuals will pull out every trick in the book to deceive and try to suck our life dry. Even though we are law abiding tax paying citizens with nothing to hide, we’re still vulnerable to attack.

Every day we fire up the computer to engage in internet activity we’re being followed and millions of people have their identity stolen one way or the other. Yet, we go about our business posting selfies and private info hoping we won’t be the next victim. …weird!

Should we post selfies and private info? After all, it’s our playground. Right! To me, it just seems so very very strange that “we the people” are highly caught up in establishing a profile of who we are and what we’re all about. The internet is a snare and a trap. Not only because of thieves and advertisers but the all snooping big brother platforms, too.

I find it really sad witnessing all that’s happening in this world. Most citizens are decent folks just trying to get along and enjoy the short life that was given. Posting selfies and sharing things that are of interest doesn’t seem like a bad thing, it’s just a convenient way to keep friends informed.

But, the big problem using the all expedient internet to communicate is contending with these pond scum bottom dwellers, whose whole intention in life is only to line their filthy pockets and inflict damage. Be it stealing identities or watch groups snooping in to set up your profile, these people all have one thing in common, they don’t care for you! Advertisers and leaches only see you as $$$. Big brother and the other watchdogs only want to track your every move and keep a profile.

So, is it worth posting selfies and all that info…? I guess we’re all in the same boat, and say, “no big deal” take the risk! What’s kinda of humorous, we really don’t seem to care who’s watching. Now, none of this is such a worrisome issue, though, our biggest fear is greater than ever. The # 1 threat the world has ever seen. ISIS! The stone age barbarians soon coming to your neighborhood. That’s what every American should be concerned about.


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