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Restless Sleep

Restless Sleep. This is a real issue for me. The lack of it wreaks¬†havoc on my body in a big way. If I’m lucky I might get about 5 hours of rest, but that’s not without a lot of tossing and turning throughout the night. I do notice on days I get at least 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep (rarely) there isn’t a foggy-headed run down feeling and my disposition is much better. It’s when I’m not completely rested that the fatigue and fogginess start, bringing on a real depressed mood for most of the day. I can tell you no-one possibly understands what sleeplessness does to an already torn down body more than somebody going through it. Trying to keep a good attitude is also a difficult thing. I do try to remind myself to get over it because I’m still moving about.

For the many years that I was indulging in alcohol, sleep was never a problem. Obviously, I was to numb to the everyday vagaries of life. The only issue I had was the stinking hangovers! Trying to go to work or do any constructive thing was always the pits. Once the alcohol effects wore off, usually around one or two o’clock in the afternoon, normalcy returned and the longing for those cold drinks started all over again. A routine that lasted for 30 years. Wow! how disgusting and sad to think I lived like that. I don’t even know how I ever got through it? The funny thing is, it seems to me, ever since I stopped consuming mass quantities of nectar from the distillery gods I haven’t slept well at all. I’m not saying, “phmmm!” maybe that has something to do with my sleeping habit. As far as I can remember, growing up and getting enough sleep was always a huge thing.

The Distractions That Rob My Sleep

From what I’ve read there is a distinct distraction to my sleep called, caffeine and electronics. If it’s true, this addiction is almost impossible to overcome. Every waking morning starts with a couple of cups of good mocha or tea and then the electronic stuff, computer, piano, cell phone and stereo go on. All these electrical components surrounding my room give off some form of a low-frequency electromagnetic wave. It’s weird that I would choose to live in this stuff.

I’ve read many articles on the subject of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and these things, supposedly, can cause disruption in sleep behavior. For me, when it comes time to hit the sack, most of the day has been influenced by activity from all those gizmos. I don’t have a problem falling asleep, it’s the constant waking through the night and getting back into a sleep that plagues me. Could there be some kind of connection between the caffeine and electronic equipment plugged into those power strips connected to the wall outlets? I just don’t know. Also, the emission of this so-called blue light from the TV, computer and cell phone screens that, according to studies, disrupts the secretion of melatonin needed to control sleep. They say this blue light is a major factor in melatonin suppression. Could any of this be related to my out of control sleep disorder?

Is There A Solution To My Problem?

Oh! I definitely know there’s a solution to my restless sleep! Just get rid of everything!!! Yeah, right! Easier said than done. So, what is the solution to overcome this insatiable appetite to indulge in these pleasures that rob me of sleep? For one thing, I find it’s a bit frustrating to stop cold turkey and just break away. There are a lot of good T.V. shows, dramas and sitcoms every night all starting at 8 P.M. and I get a kick out of watching them. Even while being absorbed by the shows the cell phone is always there to interact with, too. Then those pesky info commercials pop up peaking my interest, of course, they need to be researched on the computer. To imagine life without these “so-called” indispensable accessories would be a real challenge.

Yes! I get it! They’re all just time consumers. Simply put, an endless cycle of distraction! I tell you it’s all meaningless distractions and I get caught up in it…the vanity! The crux of the matter is these could very well be some of the culprits that are zapping the life force from me. Now, is it possible to purge this junk from my daily grind??? A really difficult task I have to deeply consider!

Despite all the irritations, one thing that is positive in dealing with this stuff day in and day out, I can still find a small place in my thoughts for joy… my rock, Jesus!

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