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Is Sugar Making Me Sick?

Is Sugar Making Me Sick? This is a real concern that has been preached by many health and diet experts for years. I think in reality, it just goes over my head. I’ve read tons of sources, heard it on T.V. etc., that studies prove an overload of sugar causes great destruction to the cells in my body. Yet, for me, it doesn’t seem to sink in when I’m indulging it. Why is that? The explanations are scientific and too drawn out for this article.

The Sweet Sugar Delight

When I think about it, in adolescence, I probably was kind of preconditioned to consume it. I remember the sensation in my mouth from tasting those sweet candies, ice cream cones, cake, candy bars, etc., it sort of instilled a certain type of euphoria in my mind. That delicious sweetness. Ooh… just swashing around and lighting up those silly little taste buds, yum…! To this day feasting on that kind of deceitfully agreeable sugary content brings on the compulsion to keep eating it, I just want more! But then… Oh! the letdown.

In my shopping, I try to be observant in regards to purchasing items containing tons of refined sweetness. The only thing is, to reduce the sugar load usually means I’m buying imitation stuff. What really makes my head spin are the numerous names for sugar. Even if I’m going to purchase sweet stuff, the labeling is very inconspicuous in their verbiage. The strange names specifying what’s in the product are so ridiculous you need a degree in chemistry (joking) to figure out what they are. What I end up getting is crap with weird names that taste sweet and for some reason, after consuming, it just doesn’t sit well. I guess what I really mean is, if I’m going eat junk that has sugar I want the real thing that says, “sugar” or cane sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar etc. and not the crappy lab made stuff with weird names.

Sugar Is Not The Real Culprit

Yes, the body needs sugar as a source of fuel and should be ingested from real food. Also, it ought to be in accordance with a balanced diet. In that manner, it is probably not the offender. However, in my situation, I have a glucose level at the high end of the spectrum, even so, when that sweet tooth arises I tend to overindulge ignoring the warnings. That is when it gets the bad rap.

Is There A Right Time For Eating Sugar?

Somewhere, I remember either reading or maybe hearing that there is a right time to consume sugar in moderation, also, about eating the right combinations of foods containing it. I’m sure this must be true. It’s also way out of the ordinary for me to do, eat in moderation! This is due to the fact of many years eating carefree. Trying to plan and prepare meals takes an enormous amount of energy and thought, something I never truly consider. My thing is, hungry…eat! Pretty dumb, I know.

The problem isn’t that I don’t have the healthy foods to incorporate a balanced diet, the refrigerator is full of nutritious stuff. I have a hard time figuring out what to eat with what combination and then prepare it. For some reason, processed food seems to be the easier way to go and I eat the wrong combinations of it. What usually happens, in my case, after cramming down canned, boxed or bagged stuff with a combination of something sugary, damn! I really end up feeling like crap. Then I painfully kick myself for not taking the time to prepare some real food.

If I Know these types of stomach stuffers aren’t going to benefit my health why the heck doesn’t it change my mindset to not do it? I’ll tell you why! If that little flash of sugar whizzes across my thoughts when I’m hungry, I’m done! No discipline! As soon as I get a taste of something sweet in my mouth, those stinking little taste buds simply overpower any rational thought I may have to say, “enough already!”.

These are some of the highs and lows that are a never-ending yo-yo cycle. Here’s a real kicker, while typing this I’m chomping on processed bagged stuff and raisins…

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