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Is Gluten Sensitivity Real?

Is Gluten Sensitivity Real?. As stated by popular articles I’ve read gluten may be responsible for a number of negative reactions to the body. Fatigue and poor memory (foggy head) are among them and my main complaint. At times the ability to recall names of certain things in conversation is as frustrating as not having enough energy to go for a walk. I practically have to force myself to get off my butt and do that. Could this be a sign of gluten sensitivity?

A while back I tried eliminating it from my diet. I think I did a three week green smoothie diet. Organic spinach, kale, swiss chard, protein powder and chia-flax seed and coconut milk are the ingredients used. Since there are so many foods that contain gluten, not just bread or pasta, I probably consumed it in some form or another during that time. I don’t recollect if there were any major changes from my symptoms afterwards and I’m not certain I stuck it out long enough to really notice. One thing is for sure if I’m really going to find out the root cause of why I’m having these reactions to god knows what foods I consume containing gluten, it’ll take a heck of a lot more trial and error on my part. Maybe for some people it’s a real cause for their condition, in my case, I’m not all that keen it’s the underline factor.

How Do I Know If It’s Gluten Causing My Issues?

The thought came to mind, are my problems caused by consuming wheat? Over the past year or so I’ve pretty much stayed on a particular steady diet and wheat is in it. Since gluten is a protein found in wheat could it be that I need to give it up altogether? I really can’t decide if that’s even reasonable to do!

Has Gluten Caused My Autoimmune Disease?

Is it plausible a gluten intolerance may be the culprit that ignited my autoimmune disease? Some studies include it as a possibility. I can only assume it may have had a hand in it, only because of the many years of consuming alcohol and it’s made from grains. Could the fact be by ingesting beverages from aluminum cans for so many years have a portion in disrupting the function of my organs, too? I just don’t know with so many presumptions.

Recovering From Autoimmune Disease

The road to recovery from autoimmune hepatitis has been such a long and arduous journey. Not that this is any different from someone else’s struggle with a disease. In dealing with illness having a good attitude and patience is the ideal concept, but not all that easy while in the battle. Only because of the unexpected shift in living. Never did I think in my wildest dreams of ending up with some weird disease that would change channels in my life force. It kind of boggles my brain to think it may have been brought on by consuming foods and beverages containing gluten! Really Weird…

What Else Can I Do?

Now at my age, the condition I’m in and time left to live, what else do I need to accomplish anyway? (…not that I’ve accomplished anything worth mentioning) I might as well just face the fact that right now I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do. So, what the heck! If that is a good thing for me, then I guess I’ll not worry about all the junk I eat and just live it out enjoying the rest of life feeling like crap…(sigh!)

What’s next on the agenda? Sugar!


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