Finding Info In Good Health Books With Great Recipes-

Eating For Health is easy since there are lot’s of good cookbooks with wonderful recipes to choose from. When you find one, the only thing you need is the right produce. I prefer to eat the best quality foods that are organically grown. In my neck of the woods farmers work closely with supermarkets providing produce without all the chemicals. I choose to eat only organic at the present time since the insidious onslaught of GMO’s and what they present to my health and everyone else’s, too. If you don’t know what GMO is about and who is behind it, check out this site. 7 Things You May Not Know about Monsanto

Eating For Health Should Be Easy

Only problem with eating for health is knowing what’s in the food we purchase. How can we eat healthy when it’s almost impossible to know what you’re buying these days? Thanks to the greedy president of the multi-billion dollar lobbying group which represents the likes of Monsanto and Dow, Coca-Cola and General Mills, who believe there’s nothing wrong with ingesting poison; the fight to get labels on our products is colossal. A study (download this .pdf file for later reading Swedish Environmental Research Institute) shows that the parents and kids bodies, before they switch to organic, tested high for pesticides. After the switch to organic the pesticide levels drop to almost nothing.

Going organic took a lot of persuasion because of the higher prices. Looking at it in the long run, though, the rewards are so worth it. For years we’ve been the patsy to the biotech industries as they permeate their toxic organisms in our food supply. It seems to me there has been an explosion of autoimmune diseases going on in the last 10 or so years, including mine, as a result of this synthetic intrusion.

Help fight to get foods labeled that contain GMO’s. More info… Organic Consumers