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Battle For The Minds Of Our Young Woman

The battle for the minds of our young woman is becoming a great threat. Recently three normal teenage school-going girls, with good family ties, were enticed by cunning tactics of terrorists on social media to seek purpose, meaning, excitement and adventure for their live’s. This is how an evil uprising marauding empire (ISIS) target wide-eyed callow young female idealists into their organization. It’s nothing more than a trap for slavery, misery, and death.

It’s quite inconceivable how these malevolent cankerous killers use manipulation to raise curiosity about their fraud-ridden ploy. It’s even more inconceivable to believe that some teen girls would entertain the thought of joining a barbaric group, as ISIS, before getting an understanding of what they’re dealing with. If they did a little research, they would find this entity only exists to conquer and dominate world supremacy by conversion or death, in the name of their god, which makes all of us very alarmed. The intention of these kids, right as they believe in their own minds, could not possibly fathom the true brainwashing this network of bloodthirsty thugs represent before they consented to leave and link up.

There is no rationality in this kind of organism (predator). It conspicuously destroys anyone by any means for refuting their perverted ideology. It’s pure evil! This group of convoluted walking nonhumans are so morally corrupt for believing in a stone-age doctrine that only promotes terrorism in the highest form. There is no soul in a band of murderers who are propelled only by its deity!… Satan! The Devil, Lucifer, the ruler of this world, but allowed by the Supreme Creator.

With much of our deceitful government leaders high up in corruption and greed, too many laws of the land changing so drastically on moral issues, it’s no wonder young teen girls hearts have become swayed in the direction of the enemy and callous towards the western way of life. All they witness is a depraved country spinning out of control.

When there are scores of religions proclaiming their doctrine as truth, while myriads mock true Christianity, it brings up questions as what to believe. Seeing massive persecution and beheading of Christians all across the other side of the world, how can a young girl make the right decision in the pursuit for purity and a life of righteousness? For lack of understanding, concerning the Christian faith, as it may come across as weak, divided and judgmental, is there any wonder why a young girl becomes confused? This ends up leading them into a path of disillusionment and exposed to the insurrection and stratagem of the evil coalition.

Many girls haven’t a clue of how truly undeveloped and naive their brains are. However, they would dispute that, though. Since Christianity is under fire and literally being thrown out of the country, persecution running rampant, it doesn’t arouse that adolescent mind as something to seek after. Where’s the excitement? Where’s the fun? But the calculating enemy, on the other hand, licks its chops and observes great opportunity. When you have ignorant young budding inquisitor thinkers interested in purity, not knowing they’re chasing after self-righteous bigoted fraudulent murderers portraying a false illusion of an “exciting objective”, the door swings wide open to radicalize. As the collapse of the church becomes eminent, these scheming devil puppets swoop in making their mission sound very strong, exciting and appealing. This makes recruiting so much easier for them.

What these pubescent girls witness all over the world, are young bearded males faithfully doing their prayers (so the whole world sees) and standing up for their deity, even to the point of murder. Somehow, this seems to spark a realization and truism they want to believe in. Maybe, because that isn’t what is observed in Christianity, is it possible that’s what makes them look elsewhere? In other words, when they see Christians clam up and turn the other cheek from any verbal insults, roll over and die regarding their faith, could it be a turn-off? The sad part is, in their impulsive quest for righteousness and moral living, they will never ever be fulfilled by any mean-spirited killing machine. The lying adversary will do what it does best, deceive, deceive, deceive!… ensnaring ignorant victims into a stone aged warped hypocritical way of reality. In all actuality, the innocent are being duped by an entity that fallaciously deludes its message and mission for the sole purpose to reduce the female into drudgery and sexual pleasure.

What a shame it is for all these young credulous girls not able to fully see the whole picture they’re in for. If it was at all feasible, using a little wise discernment, perhaps if they did some diligent research on what these notorious woman abusers are really about, what these males mentality (a product of their cultures brain-washing) truly think in general of any female, maybe, just maybe it would instill a sense of concern and change of heart… Unless that is, their inquisitiveness finds that sort of strict religious absurdity really exciting!

The problem with any young girl showing that type of temperament is, they don’t realize, faithful Christians will die for there faith instead of conceding to an evil culture of radical deceptive credence. Real Christians will trust in the promises of their Deity. They will carry out the command to pray for and love those who persecute them instead of casting insult and retaliation. Those who walk the talk (God’s true bible believing church) will do everything they can to persuade, not only the young woman but anyone who will listen to reason. There is only one true path to take leading to real salvation (eternal life) and one true God (Jesus Christ) who showed how much He loved us by sacrificing His own life “via crucifixion” for the sinful creatures we are. Now, if anyone is interested in the real life after in paradise with Jesus, following Him means giving up your own life and turning the other cheek when mocked. That is the price that must be paid by anyone seeking a true and pure righteous life, not following a false religion that mimics truth and murders for its conviction.

To hear of any girl getting whisked away into the hands of wicked extremists (who kill because of their twisted belief) is so disheartening. The battle for the mind of young girls is beyond vast.


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