Before saying anything about me, I personally want to thank all the brave young men and woman in armed forces, past, present, and future. Volunteering to protect peoples freedom around the world is a selfless sacrifice no one may repay. If it wasn’t for their courageous actions there would be nothing but dictatorship and oppression on an unimaginable scale. My prayers go up every day for their protection.

It’s such a tragedy young people have to give up their dreams and aspirations to go combat the evil caused by individuals greed and want for power. It may seem as a hopeless act, to some, for me to say I pray that God would bring peace in the midst of their dealings, which death is imminent, but my prayers will always be trusting and believing in a sovereign Almighty God to cause good to arise out of every situation of misfortune.

For all the families throughout the world dealing with loss, suffering, affliction or adversity, may the compassionate loving God I know give wisdom, courage, direction, and strength to everyone and anyone who seek His face.

The Motivation In Making This Site

With all that said, when I started dabbling online early in 2000 I had the interest to make some kind of income on the internet. By 2001 there was an explosion of money making opportunities. Oh! the excitement…

Getting into building a web presence, at first, was so inspirational. I delved into countless websites promoting “How To Make Money”, eventually, that led me into an overwhelming position of anxiety! Too many experts peddling their program or software in such a believable way, without doubt, was going to make me profit with little work. Ha! How funny it is now. Wish I could have seen through the smoke back then, it would have saved years of frustration. Those days left me with confusion and total disappointment. To sum my experience, I can now spot the coated promises from slick scammers quickly and will not be wasting precious time or $$$ on info products. It took a while before realizing the vanity of it all, Internet Marketing was not my talent.

Through all that, the only positive comes from learning how to construct a web site. I decided my goal would be to create a place where I could vent my dealing with everyday stuff in general and design web sites for other people.