Now this is a bunch of stuff!

The word stuff (from the early 1900s) was used to literally cram something or shove a thing into something. Over the last 30 years or so that word, in one way or another, became ingrained in our vocabulary as a quick filler term used to dismiss true explanation. Regardless of how we articulate a particular incident in speech or writing, we inadvertently may interject the word stuff in some form.

For instance, my bedroom is so cluttered with stuff it has become nothing more than an eyesore. Instead, it could have been explained like, “my room is so cluttered and disorganized with so many inanimate objects that it has become nothing more than an eyesore”.

In reality, whatever or wherever the living environment, generation after generation every waking day is presented with a new challenge, an occurrence, an event, or circumstance, and might be expressed as facing a bunch of stuff. Now, for some, there may be a deficiency in the intellect department and others it may be laziness with words. But, for a lack of a better terminology, that silly little five letter word will find its way into our thoughts.

Isn’t it odd, in a sense, or somewhat fascinating to view how our culture can take a word that means a certain thing, then over time watch how it transmutes its use in a way to express just about anything?