The Cluttered Furniture I Despise

It's All Stuff

– a little here a little there –

I often wonder why I don’t take time to file articles or put implements away right after gawking or use. Seeing my furniture looking so clogged really makes the atmosphere very annoying. One point I do know, being pithy, I have no conscience thought when it comes to organize every item I come in contact with. My bad!

Awe! procrastination… isn’t it a drag! When I take consideration of all this meaningless collection clinging everyplace, it’s time to reevaluate and downsize…

Could I Be Hoarding?

The thought that I may be hoarding had crossed my mind. Maybe on a smaller scale but, nothing that is really out of hand. After a little research, one of the first things tried was visualization. It’s something that helps to see how the space will look like without all the clutter. Once the vision is clear,  I make myself get up and give a valid effort  in planing a way to dispose of unwanted items while arranging only the ones needed, or want.

A Cleaned Environment

It's All Stuff In Need Of My Attention

-Finally! No more disorganized environment…

Now this is how I like things to look! If it could only stay that way. I know when I don’t stay focused on keeping it looking like this, in a month or so, it’ll be as it was before. That’s why I’ve looked into ways to prevent it from happening. It’s a conscious determination to apply some discipline. Once that’s in place I should be okay…