Stop The Madness! Stuff Is Everywhere

It’s All Stuff

To be quite honest, it’s all stuff and it bugs me when it’s everywhere! Let me clarify what I mean. The reference to stuff is the tangible possessions I accumulate. All things should be organized. My biggest complaint revolves around articles (mail, newspaper…etc.) or some paraphernalia. The first place it gets tossed is within arms reach, which is the old bedroom furniture. I get it! They weren’t meant to be a storage locker. But, that’s where it all stays! A big nuisance.

Getting Organized Takes Discipline

One thing I hate, I’ll drag my feet and turn my head when it gets to the point of organizing anything! As I think about it, actually, all the stuff I face every day gives me grief! Not just material things, either. Mainly, everything palpable should have a place to go and having to deal with it is a pain. Being so lazy is a poor excuse to not take the time to acquire storage containers or learn the art of elimination. It’s probably the biggest reason why I shove things where I do. In a nutshell, doing something else is way to easy. After a while, this disorganization becomes a part of living. Sad, I know! …continued